Some days are just better than others. Yesterday wasn’t one of those. Combine lack of sleep with frustrations with work, blocks in my writing, and a general apathy to do anything and you have the makings of a pretty underwhelming day. I did get to experiment a little with making hot massage oil. I’m using olive oil as a base (because it’s cheaper than almond oil and better than canola oil) and a mix of different hot peppers. I’ve got two different styles, one in which I just chopped the peppers and poured the oil over them, and the other in which I ground the peppers into a paste in a spice grinder and then poured the olive oil into the paste (though, getting the pepper paste into the mason jar left my fingers covered in pepper oil that apparently does not wash off easily… as I found out later when I went to rub my eye…). Anyway, for today’s exercise I’m going to give you a picture and I want you to use it as inspiration to design one part of the world you’ve started. This could be fleshing out one of the nations that you’ve already come up with or it could be creating an all new nation or continent for your world:

This piece was found here.
                                                                This piece was found here.

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