So, now that you have been working on the writing challenges, I hope that some of you might be willing to try your hand at writing the history of a word all your own. Actually, I’m sure that a few of you have been writing for a while now, and have perhaps been trying to create a world, but you just aren’t sure where to begin. That is where I hope to help you. The next few posts are going to be looking at what it takes to write your own world into existence.

Let there be… a giant ying yang symbol… floating through the sky.. with a dragon… and a turtle… and a… what is that, a mermaid? Ok guys, this is getting ridiculous!

One of my favorite examples of someone writing a history of a world is the famous author and Linguist J.R.R. Tolkien. You want to talk about someone who wrote the history of his world just look to this man. Tolkien wrote several volumes of in depth and complete history of the world that we know as Middle Earth. Really, I could spend several blog posts writing about what he did, but I will get back to the topic at hand.

Now, please don’t think that I’m telling you that you have to go as deep as Tolkien, but if you want to then… Great!!!! It can take years to do that, and I’m sure this isn’t something that most of you want to dedicate that much time to do. I was a history major, so I love the idea. But… I’m sure you are thinking, “Ok… but what is the first step?” Well, if you don’t have a world or even if you do, then do have a creation story? Yes, every and I mean every civilization has a story about how they were created. Your world needs to be as real to you as the one of are living in.

So, how can you write a story if the world itself is just a two dimensional image in your mind. You, in a sense, are the over arcing god of your world. /you probably have a god/gods of your world, but you dictate what they do. So, how do you want the world to come into existence? Honestly one of my favorites is from Tolkien’s friend C.S. Lewis where Narnia was sung into existence. I mean how great is that? The god sang things into being! Be creative!

Two great authors!

There are so many different creation stories out there, use them to feed your imagination. Now, I know you are probably thinking, “I thought you were going to talk to us about the history of the world?” Well, I am this is part of the history. It might or might not play a part in the story itself, but many times characters tell bits and pieces of myths or legends within the story. These myths and legends come from the creation of your world, or the story of a hero that lived in another time. Now that I have you thinking about what you want to have your in your creation story, go sit down and start writing it. This is the foundation of the history of your world. Have fun with it, remember you are the one with the power. Bring it to life for everyone else to see. Also, remember that you will never get better at writing unless you start somewhere.

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