Well, like I said yesterday, I spent the weekend judging a forensics tournament… and dealing with my classes… and dealing with a training class that I’m taking… and trying to learn lines for a play I’m in… and church… and… and… and… Yeah, it was a busy weekend.  Lots of fun, but really busy.  As I’m typing this it’s ten pm Sunday night (that is last night) and I still haven’t had dinner yet.  Going to make it right after I get this post scheduled.  Hummus… yum.  So, anyway, your story challenge awaits you below.  I’m sure you probably know the rules by now.  If not… check last Monday’s post, I’m exhausted.

Your theme: Untrustworthy Senses

This is kind of continuing my theme of philosophical issues in fiction.  Properly basic beliefs are the basic assumptions upon which we found all of our other beliefs and assumptions.  These basic assumptions can be anything from ‘God exists’ to ‘My senses tell me the truth’ to ‘Aliens abducted me!’ (although that last one probably couldn’t be called ‘properly’ basic).  Our basic assumptions serve to format the way we interact with the world, and the kinds of beliefs that we form about it.  So, one of the major questions that often comes up is ‘are the human senses trustworthy enough to be a basis for knowledge?’

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