Do doubts keep you tied up... on the moon...?

Alright, it’s Monday yet again! Sometime I think we should very up the calendar a little.  I don’t know, maybe add in a Flomsday, or a Grubday every once in a while.  Just, something to keep people on their toes.  Then I realize that calendars are consistent for a reason.  Well, usually I realize that anyway.  So, it’s time for another story challenge, and I’m sure you all remember the rules.  However, if there’s anyone new out there:  You must write a story of at least a hundred words, and not more than five hundred (if you want to post it as a comment – if it’s just for yourself, then it can be as long as you want).  The story must be about the theme given in this post.  So,  if the theme I give you is Life, don’t write a story about the lord of the underworld.  If the theme is War, don’t write a story about a farmer planting his crops.  Themes are very broad, so it really shouldn’t be hard to stay within a given theme, but I teach, so I know that some people have trouble with this.

Your theme: Doubt

This could be doubting a person, a belief system, a piece of evidence, or maybe even your own existence.  Whatever the case, make your story about doubt.

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