Plot Challenge of the Week

Admittedly, this probably isn't in New York. Still, who wouldn't want to drink there?
Admittedly, this probably isn’t in New York. Still, who wouldn’t want to drink there?

Well, I hope that all of you are having a wonderful day! So, welcome to June (I think I’ve said that before), and it’s time for a plot challenge. So, let’s get to it. You probably know the rules, but if not: I’m going to give you a few rules that your setting must fit into, and you create a setting that fulfills those rules. Feel free to create a setting that you intend to use with characters that you’ve created.

Your requirements:

1) Your setting must be a New York Bar.

2) Your setting must include multiple returning characters who take the position of regulars in the bar. These characters are as much setting features as they are people to interact with.

3) Your setting must include at least one point of potential conflict. This could be a conflict between two or more regulars, it could be a problem with the bar itself, or it could be an outside force intruding (say, a health inspector).

4) Your setting must include at least two stories and a basement.