Missed Post Challenge

This is actually from a Magic: the Gathering card (I’ve been saying for years that they have some of the best art around), and the artist is Jason Chan.

Ok, well… today was supposed to be Selanya’s first day back on the blog, but it doesn’t look like that’s actually going to happen. So, instead let’s have a random challenge post. I haven’t done a good philosophical post in a while, so let’s ask a big theological question (this has been coming up in my Philosophy of Religion class): Does God’s omniscience (assuming there is a god and that he is omniscient) determine man’s actions? This is similar to the question of Free Will vs. Determinism that I posed a while back, but it adds the element of an omniscient deity to the equation. Your challenge: answer this question is a story of 1000 words or less, and do your best to provide a clear defense for your position as well.