Story Challenge of the Week

2011-year-resolution-400x400It’s the last few days of 2013, everyone! I hope that all of you are ready to start the new year. If not, well… you still have a couple of days to do something about that. So, this week’s challenge is a plain old theme challenge. You’ve had them before, you’ll have them again, and even if you’re brand new they’re easy to figure out. I give you a theme, and you write me a story around that theme. The story has to actually be about the theme, but it also has to explain the theme (you’ll see what I mean). If your theme is war, don’t write me a story about a poor maiden who’s love has gone off to war.

Your theme: New Years Resolution

We make them with the best of intentions. Most of them break them a week or four later, but not always. You can write this story however you want, but I think it would be really cool to write a story about how keeping a New Year’s resolution changed someone’s life. What would happen if we actually stuck to the resolutions we make?