Philosophical Challenge Post

Well, by now you’ve probably gotten used to these, and at least some of you seem to be enjoying them, so I thought I’d post another. This is actually a question that we’ve been discussing over the past week in one of my ethics classes: What does it mean to be equal? The basic question comes down to this, all men are clearly not equal in any measurable way. We are not all physically, intellectually, financially, emotionally, socially, or spiritually equal. All men are not equally kind, equally willful, equally calculating, etc. So, what does it mean to be equal when we are not measurably equal? You know the rules, write a story of 500 to 1000 words that gives your answer to this question. Make sure that you make your answer clear, and that you defend it to the best of your ability. Most of all, have fun! Writing should have a point, but it should also be fun. Enjoy yourself.