Okay, I do have a story challenge for you, and it’s time for my favorite story challenge. I’m going to give you a series of criteria including genre, theme, some character archetypes, etc. Your job is to write a story that includes all of the features required in the challenge. If you intend to post it here, please keep it short. However, the complexity of this challenge often requires a longer story.

Theme: Wisdom

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Modern Fiction

Setting: Your setting for this story is very open. I cannot be a Science Fiction setting, and like last time it must be a practical setting (i.e. a setting in which the characters actually need to make wise decisions). However, other than this you can do what you please.

Character Archetypes:

1) The Angry Dwarf

2) The Mystic

3) The Bandit

4) The Naive Pilgrim


1) A seashell

2) A sword

3) A book of high literature

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