First of all, I want to apologize for missing yesterday’s post. Friday and Saturday were extremely busy for Alayna and I. However, the good news is that 1) we officially have 90% of the baby stuff organized, put together, and put away, which is kind of huge… except for the swing, which is sitting in pieces on the living room floor because I don’t have an instruction manual for putting it together and, as far as I can tell, it’s just a bunch of random metal bars that don’t actually go together (I’m sure that I’m wrong about this). 2) I am finally getting a new computer–and a good one at that. I’m doing most of my work from home now, especially with the baby coming, and so I can go back to a desktop. This means a better computer for cheaper, plus I’m getting a friend of mine to put it together, so I’m going to have a computer that can actually do stuff! And hopefully not randomly shut down on me… or randomly refuse to shut down when I actually need it to. Anyway, business and blessings both abound (and yes, that was intentional… I like alliteration). That being said, this weekend has not been great for writing posts, so again, my apologies for missing yesterday and for the generally random, ‘here’s my life’ quality of this post. However, I do hope that you all have an amazing day!

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