Okay, we are done traveling for a while! So, hopefully challenge posts should stop being late. However, again, I’m sorry that this post is coming in so late. Anyway, I have a story challenge, and it’s time for my favorite story challenge. I’m going to give you a series of criteria including genre, theme, some character archetypes, etc. Your job is to write a story that includes all of the features required in the challenge. If you intend to post it here, please keep it short. However, the complexity of this challenge often requires a longer story.

Theme: Goals

Genre: Fantasy, Surreal Fantasy, Science Fiction, Modern Fiction

Setting: Your setting for this story needs to include some form of competition. However, this could be a sporting event, an academic competition, a test, a game-show, etc. Apart from this, the setting is entirely up to you.

Character Archetypes:

1) The Host/Referee

2) The Wiley Competitor

3) The Know It All

4) The Lucky Guy


1) A Question

2) A Box

3) A Prize (i.e. money, fame, a contract, a piece of magic or technology)


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