Blarg! This week I have 10 hours of driving to do, a 3 hour doctors appointment, a 1-2 hour appointment with the guy who did our premarital counseling (nothing wrong, just that we’ll be in town), a 6 hour test, 3 classes worth of discussion boards (two of them large and one very talkative) and around 50+ papers to grade. Oh, and some time to study for the 6 hour test… I also feel like I’m forgetting something… which I probably am. That is likely to be the theme of this week. So, let’s get into it. You know the rules: I give you a picture and you give me a story of 1000 words or less (at least if you want to post it here) that explains what is happening in the picture. Remember the lesson from last time, stay true to the picture. Let the audience know what is happening in the background of the picture without actually altering any of the picture’s own details. Enjoy:


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