inconsistencyOver the last twelve days (today included) I have written a 2000-3000 word paper on a different topic every day. Some of them were pretty good… some of them are in desperate need of substantial editing and revision. I’m guessing that at least one of them should probably be scrapped and rewritten entirely. This is a part of the problem that I have with writing at the moment: inconsistency. I am capable, and have shown that I’m capable, of turning out some extremely high quality work. However, I’m also capable of turning out some weak, poorly supported, overly broad, and generally unclear work. The problem is that these often show up in the same paper or story so that one part of it will be brilliant while another part is weak or baffling. Something that I need practice at is developing more significant consistency in the quality of my writing, and a big part of that is going to be practice (of course, in a Ph.D. program I should get lots of that). Anyway, I bring this up because it’s your topic today. I want you to write a story about inconsistency. So, you know the rules. Take your subject and run with it. Write me a story of 1000 words or less and stay on topic. As before, if it’s in any way applicable, you should use this to try to develop your world a little more :).

Your Challenge: Write me a story about inconsistency. This could be a story about inconsistency in quality of work, inconsistency in character, desire, emotion, etc.. You could focus on the challenge of developing more consistency, the dangers of inconsistency, or even the benefits of inconsistency (I believe we call it spontaneity when we like it). In some way though, your story needs to have a strong focus on inconsistency.


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