cell-phone-compare-mainI hope that you all had a relaxing weekend. Alayna and I had an extremely busy Friday and Saturday (my apologies that no post went up on Saturday), but Sunday was nice and relaxing. I’ve got a list of parenting books to order and start reading once I finish Frame and Niebuhr, and that will be a good thing. Plus I get to present a paper at an ETS conference in Lynchburg in April, which will also be a lot of fun. For now though, it’s time for a story challenge. We have a challenge this week that is not knew, but that I haven’t given you in a very long time. I am going to give you a theme and you have to write your story on that theme. However, I am also going to give you four words (a verb, a noun, an adjective, and an adverb) and you will have to use each of those words in your story. The goal in this exercise is to write a story that includes these words in a natural and meaningful way.

Your theme: absolutes

Verb: disseminate

Noun: visions

Adjective: important

Adverb: hurriedly


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