So, Alayna and I have been looking for parenting books, and I’ve specifically been looking for a good, solid book on the theology of parenting, or perhaps solid theology as applied to parenting… parenting as applied theology maybe. Anyway, however you want to phrase it, I haven’t found one. I’ve found dozens of books that claim to present biblical principles of parenting, but none of them seems to apply strong techniques of hermeneutics and theological reasoning/categories to the discussion. In fact, the majority of them seem to start with some particular form of parenting that works (or at least the the author believes works/prefers), and then tries to work backward to find biblical passages that support that particular philosophy or parenting technique. So, I’ve been thinking, perhaps if I can’t find a good book on the theology of parenting, maybe I’ll write one someday. It would be an interesting field to study, that’s for sure, and could perhaps provide a more solid foundation on which to build parenting philosophies and techniques. Of course, as a friend of mine pointed out today, I could wind up being the Marcion or Arius of parenting… that would be a problem. Anyway, I have a writing exercise for you today, but if anyone wants to chime in with ideas, please do. For today’s exercise I’m going to give you a picture and I want you to use it as inspiration to design one part of the world you’ve started. This could be fleshing out one of the nations that you’ve already come up with or it could be creating an all new nation or continent for your world:


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