Good morning, all. This week, like most of my weeks recently, has been full of exhaustion and chaos. So when I got home last night, I fully intended to write a fully-fleshed out and epic blog post. However, when I sat down, a wave of exhaustion rolled over me, and I promptly passed out (in bed, thankfully). I am currently running late for church, so I will save my epic post for next time, and instead  leave you with a handy limerick that commemorates this occasion:

There was a young teacher from Poznań

Who liked to write until half-past one.

But then came lesson stress

And her writing schedule was a mess,

Oh that exhausted young teacher from Poznań.

One thought on “Limerick Sunday

  1. I’ve had the “pass out in bed while very motivated” happen many times before. Resting is also good, though 🙂

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