So, yesterday I got to teach a class at my church on the Christian concept of joy. I certainly enjoyed it… and yes, I did that intentionally. Anyway, the class itself seemed to go well, we went through Psalm 16 primarily, but brought in a fairly wide variety of other biblical passages along with some ideas from philosophical and theological works. Overall, I was very happy with the result. Later, we babysat for my niece and nephew, and I found out why many parents don’t like taking children along when they’re making multiple stops… I got to put my lesson into practice just a little, though the kids were actually quite well behaved for making four stops in a matter of twenty minutes. All in all, it was a good day. Anyway, I do have a story challenge for you today. You know the rules: I give you a picture and you give me a story of 1000 words or less (at least if you want to post it here) that explains what is happening in the picture. Remember the lesson from last time, stay true to the picture. Let the audience know what is happening in the background of the picture without actually altering any of the picture’s own details. Enjoy:



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