I haven’t been sleeping well lately, from a combination of stress, illness, and an overactive brain. Seriously, sometimes, my brain just will. Not. Shut. Up. Anyway, the other problem I’ve been having in regards to sleep is that all of the aforementioned factors, combined with my writer’s imagination, gives me extremely vivid dreams. Mostly nightmares, unfortunately. I remember many of my dreams when I wake up, which can be both good and bad, depending on the dream. For the most part, my dreams recently have been nightmares, so I would prefer to not remember them, but I have gotten some good story ideas out of them (as most of you know, my short story writing tends to be creepy, Gothic, weird stuff anyway). So, for your challenge today, I want you to write me a story, about 500 words, about a nightmare you’ve had. It can be a simple “teeth falling out” sort of thing or one that absolutely terrified you. Whatever you do with it, remember to pay attention to tone and details. The more details, the better. Good luck!

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