Well, it’s late and I’m not going to take up too much of your time. However, I was playing the game Resistance with Alayna’s family tonight and it inspired a simple thought for a story challenge this week: how do I form a belief in the face of insufficient evidence? In the game, and often in life, one is forced to make choices based on very limited information combined with the knowledge that at least some of the people providing this information are lying… perhaps all of them. For instance, let us assume that I am asked to choose three of five people with whom I must trust my life. Now, I know that at least two of these five people are lying to me and actually mean me harm, but I don’t know which two, and further more than two people may be lying to me, but only two mean me harm. All of the five seriously claim to have my best interests at heart, and I have little, if any, reason to doubt the claims of any of them. In this situation, how do I make my choice?

I want you to write a story of 1000 words that explains your position about how we go about making such choices. Is there a serious reasoning process that takes place? Can we actually rely on intuition? Might some people have a sixth sense? Must we leave it up to blind luck? Etc.


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