So, my deepest apologies. I was responsible for today’s post and between traveling and having Christmas with my parents and my brother’s family I completely forgot that a post had to go up today. So, I was originally planning to write a post about how to effectively apply some of the things that we’ve talked about, but instead I’m just going to give you all a chance to practice. So, for today’s post I want you to write a story set in your favorite holiday. The post doesn’t have to be about the holiday (think Gremlins or Die Hard more than The Christmas Story), but it does have to be set to the background of the holiday. Further, while it is the Christmas season, the holiday you choose doesn’t have to be Christmas, just your favorite holiday.

Make your story at least a 1000 words long, but otherwise the theme, genre, etc are up to you. Enjoy your story planning and writing, and if you want to link your story here I will be happy to read them (when I get the time).


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