So, as of this afternoon I have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice, and I loved it both times. I’m not going to say anything else, but for all of you who haven’t seen it yet, it is a good movie. That being said, my Christmas break starts tomorrow, which means more time for study and more time with Alayna! At least for a couple of weeks. I’m also the one who’s going to be writing the posts for this week, and honestly I haven’t decided what my theme is going to be… I should probably get on that… but you’ll have some posts from me to look forward to. Anyway, I have a story challenge, and it’s time for my favorite story challenge. I’m going to give you a series of criteria including genre, theme, some character archetypes, etc. Your job is to write a story that includes all of the features required in the challenge. If you intend to post it here, please keep it short. However, the complexity of this challenge often requires a longer story.

Theme: Holidays

Genre: Historical, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Modern

Setting: Your setting is a cabin in the woods during some major holiday (which one is dependent upon your world).

Character Archetypes:

1) The Adventurer

2) The Scardy-cat

3) The Grinch

4) The Over-Celebrater


1) A Holiday Ritual Item (i.e. a Christmas tree, fireworks, etc)

2) A Knife

3) A Wilderness Guidebook


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