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The week has flown by and this will be my last post for a while, but I leave you with an excerpt from a story.

I’ve been reading Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan, and I was planning to write a review of that…but then I went to see Star Wars, and it made me feel like a kid again. It also inspired me to write some fan fiction.

There will be NO SPOILERS in this post: my story doesn’t involve any of the characters or events of the movie. I was just inspired to write something set in the wider Star Wars universe – specifically something involving X-Wings – and I hope that you enjoy this brief extract.

Attack run


“That big cruiser isn’t gonna blow itself up, Amber Leader.”

“Nah, we’ll have to give it a hand,” said Kad, flipping the bank of poorly-wired automotivator switches above her head. “Lock S-Foils in attack position.”

She heard her ship’s wings parting on either side of her cockpit and the magnetic thump as they locked into place, a sound which never got less satisfying no matter how many times she heard it.  She did a quick spot-check to make sure her wingmates had complied. Some of the cocky young roosters in her flock seemed to think that keeping their intercoolers closed and overheating their engines was a smart way of getting more yaw control out of their ships, instead of just a smart way of starting a fire under their asses, which was what it was. It looked like nobody was deliberately trying to get themselves blown up, today. That made a nice change. She craned her neck to look at Amber 2 on her starboard hindquarter – she saw Orta’s stern face behind his controls – and Amber 3 to port. Worlo waved his three-pronged hand and she waved back, grinning through the blistered heat distortions in her canopy.

“Seven-thousand kilometres,” said Orta, in his gruff command voice. “We should be entering their sensor range….now.”

“Copy, Amber 2,” Kad said. Sure enough, her scopes lit up, and her ears picked up an oscillating whine from the low-band interference of the imperial commscan. She dialled up her ship’s shields to compensate, bleeding a little more power from the engines. It diminished the interference, but there was nothing she could do to mask her ship’s presence. The impies had one big Bellator cruiser in orbit over Quiberos, flanked by two of the old outmoded Imperial class destroyers that Kad – and every other pilot in the Resistance – was so familiar with. They were antiquated, but all three of them had multispectral sensors. Unless the Living Force had acted in Kad’s favour for once and compelled the sensor crews on all three ships to go for a bathroom break at the same time, there was no hope of a stealthy approach.

“Let’s stay nice and wide, no bunching up,” she said, surprised at the steady caution in her voice.  When had she gotten old enough that she could give orders and sound like she knew what she was doing?

The plan that was formulating in her head had more than its share of risks. They were only supposed to be at Quiberos to take out the relay station on the second moon, so that Grand Moff Lektor’s splinter faction couldn’t use it for whatever foul purposes they probably wanted to use it for. Going toe-to-toe with an imperial battlecruiser hadn’t been part of the mission briefing. But even two destroyers was a pretty weak escort for a Bellator class. Kad wasn’t the kind of pilot who’d pass up an opportunity to put a big hulking capital ship out of commission. They were strategic targets, she told herself. It wasn’t just that she wanted to watch it burn.

“Ochre Leader, wait until we’ve started our run, then split off and hit the destroyers. Amber Squadron, follow my lead.”

“Copy, Amber Leader.”

“Copy, Ochre Squadron standing by.”

“Can we really take down a cruiser that big..?” asked a quiet voice, in her ear. It was Emran. He probably didn’t know that his receiver was on.

“Hustle up, Amber 5,” she said. “Just do what we did at the Battle of Fondor and this’ll be a piece of cake.”

“Uh, copy, Amber Leader,” Emran mumbled.

After a short silence, Kad heard a cut-glass Eriaduan accent pour through the commlink like poison honey. “Need I remind you that I was flying a TIE interceptor at the Battle of Fondor?”

“Okay,” she rolled her eyes, “Everyone apart from Whilf, do what you did at the Battle of Fondor.”

“Well what should I do?” Whilf replied, with an audible grin.

Kad scoffed, or laughed, she wasn’t sure. “You should shut up and cover my six, is what you should do.” she said.

“Copy, Amber Leader,” Whilf said, with a singsong chuckle.

EZ-9 made a series of suggestive squeaks and burbles, which somehow sounded as though he was nudging Kad in the ribs with one elbow. Easy had been trying to set her up with Whilf for as long as she could remember.

“One of these days, Easy,” Kad said, “I’m gonna take that silver spoon out of his mouth and shove it right up his starboard coolant intake…”

Easy made a shocked squawking sound. Which was good. Kad didn’t want to think about what her love=life had come to if even her astro droid was trying to play matchmaker.

“Besides, he’s half my age.”

Easy conceded cheerfully on that point.

“Hey!” she said, reproachfully.

“Closing to two thousand kilometres,” said Orta. All other considerations fled from Kad’s mind.

“Here we go…” she said.

Art – “X-Wing – Engage”  by ChaosHour on Deviantart


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