Hello, everyone! So, good news: I’ve got an awesome two-part post planned that’s about this awesome poet that should be pretty awesome. Bad news: end-of-term papers have sneaked up on me and I haven’t been able to finish the first post.

Everything is Awesome
Apparently I belong in the LEGO movie, because everything is awesome.

So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have decided to bestow upon you even more of my poetry! Like the poem from my last post, this one is also a little personal. It’s loosely based on my memories of my great-aunt.




I don’t remember if it was sunny or gray
the day my great aunt’s coffin was sealed away.

“Beth was so kind,
Beth was so sincere,
Beth always drew others near.”

Each repetition, a nail straight to the heart—
It was my name they were calling out.

I met relatives I hardly knew:
“Hello, Elizabeth,” they’d say.
“It’s Beth, actually,” I’d like to relay,
but I didn’t have the energy that day.

A coarse gray pillow sitting in our back seat
used to smell like her:

An old, lonely widow, waiting for death—
an eternal, spoiling aunt celebrating young life’s breadth.

Her smiling face is something I can’t quite recall,
just a cloud of gray
and brown-spotted hands
pressing little treasures into my palms.


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