benchDepression can be rough. It’s something that I’ve struggled with at several points in the past, to the point of contemplating and even attempting suicide (death by highway in my case, though I never actually got hit by a car… pretty sure I caused a few accidents unfortunately). Simply put, it’s difficult to feel good when nothing feels good, or to believe that life will get better when all you can see is everything that’s bad. For some people (for many people) this is a matter of perspective. What we tell ourselves about our lives matters about as much as what actually happens in our lives. In academia this is clearly expressed in imposter syndrome, or the overwhelming feeling that all of one’s success to this point has been a fluke and that one doesn’t actually belong in the program/professorship that one is in and soon the rest of the world will catch on to the fact that one has really just been faking it this whole time. A similar feeling is possible in just about any life situation, and there are many other perspectives that can lead to depression. However, for some people there is a deeper physical root to their depression, and this needs medical treatment. Today, I want you to tap into the concept of depression. So, this is what I want you to write about today: ‘it never gets better’. You know the rules. Take your subject and run with it. Write me a story of 1000 words or less and stay on topic. As before, depressionsignsif it’s in any way applicable, you should use this to try to develop your world a little more :).

Your Challenge: Write me a story about depression. This could be a story that seeks to express the kind of hopelessness that depression is characterized by, or about the struggle of overcoming depression. You could focus on describing the melange of negativity that a depressed person wades through on a daily basis, or the long-term life-shaping impact that succumbing to or overcoming depression can have. In some way though, your story needs to have a strong focus on this concept.


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