So, something that I run into with fair regularity are people who will claim multiple beliefs or philosophies. Some are obviously compatible (such as Christian Republicans) while others are much more questionable (such as Christian Hindus). So, today I want you to think about this issue: how can two different systems of religious belief, philosophical understanding, and/or political thought be combined? What limitations are there? How do you determine when two systems are simply incompatible? For instance, could a person be a Christian Democrat? An Islamic Buddhist? A Christian Confucianist? A Utilitarian Hindu? An Epicurean Muslim? Etc…

The possibilities for combination are virtually endless. However, rather than simply examining two or three particular combinations and determining whether those specific thought systems are compatible, I want you to go deeper and focus on why two systems would or wouldn’t be compatible.

As always, present your answer in the form of a story of 1000 words, and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Philosophical Story Challenge of the Week

  1. Since Buddhism is essentially Eastern Psychology rather than an actual belief in an eternal being … at least in it’s origin, why not be a Christian Buddhist?

    1. Wayne, consider the one of the primary tenets of Buddhism, as a philosophy or a religion, is that there is no reality. Everything is an illusion. There is no self, no soul, no god, etc. This seems to contradict the fundamental Christian belief that there actually is a reality. That there is a real God who created real souls and a real world.

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