Okay, first let me say that I love this blog and I very much appreciate all of the hard work that all of the writers put into it. I’m also physically, emotionally, and intellectually exhausted at the moment. October has been a hard month. I’ve written two major (i.e. 20 page plus) papers (one of which I actually wrote twice), studied for and taken the MAT and the GRE, completed one Ph.D. application, mostly completed a few others, dealt with sundry hurdles in completing the Th.M. Program (missing paperwork, last minute crises, etc), taught three classes, dealt with a couple of problem students, helped teach children’s Sunday school at my paper, driven up to New England and back to present a paper, dealt with budgeting, taken care of most of the meals, cleaned the house (sometimes and sort of), and done my best to take care of my pregnant wife, who is having a very rough first trimester. So, I’m going to do my best to keep this post short. Hopefully you can expect more extensive posts from me later this week. Which brings me to my big announcement.

We’re going to be trying a new schedule on the blog. For some time now we’ve been alternating back and forth with different author’s posting every Tuesday and Thursday, and Tom posting each Sunday, and which that works it can make schedules difficult to follow, and it makes it very difficult to put together and hold together any kind of continuity in our posts. We feel like this may not be fair to either us as authors or you all as readers. So, starting this week we’re going to be trying a different system. One author will be responsible for the Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday posts each week. The writing exercises will stay the same, but we’ll be rotating weeks now instead of days. So, you will be seeing posts from me this Thursday and Sunday, posts from Selanya next week, from Paul the week after that, and then Sam, Tess, and Tom in the following weeks. This will probably be a little bit of an adjustment for us, so please stick with us and give us a little leeway as we get used to the new schedule, but hopefully it will be a change for the better overall.

Okay, that’s my announcement. So, now I’m going to go to bed and hibernate for the next four months… I wish. I’ll see you all on Thursday with the next section of the story I’ve been working on.


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