Hello, everyone! School (and work) is unfortunately in full swing right now, so I’m afraid today’s post will be a little on the short side.

Basically, this is me right now.
Basically, this is me right now.

So, I thought I’d leave you all with another work that I wrote for my graduate-level poetry class. This one is a little personal, loosely based on a question my mother once asked me about if I had any memories of my late grandmother.

Anyway, here it is!

“You Remember my Mother?”

I remember Grandmother’s slow smile, her wavy yellow hair—

The way her eyes crinkled at the corners, like yours.

But mostly I remember you—your face at the funeral.

The way it lit up when fifteen-year friends

Showed their respects—an isolated ring of happiness.

Your stricken expression when you discover

The wickedness of two others:

A sister, brushing back hair from the necklace she stole,

A belle-sœur, leaning in, sweet-talking the widower.

I think I’ve learned the lessons passed from your mother to you:

The value of hard work,

The warmth of fresh-baked pizzelles,

Drifting smells drawing lost souls in.


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