Procrastinating Panda is Procrastinating.
Procrastinating Panda is procrastinating.

The Procrastinating Panda pretty much sums up the fact that I’m currently avoiding the paper I’m supposed to be working on for a graduate class. Before I succumb to the panda’s call and take a nap, though, I think I’ll leave you with a writing exercise that I’m totally stealing from my creative writing class in undergrad.

Our class had been reading up on using dialogue to build character when we came to a section in our book called “no” dialogue. According to the authors of Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft, “Tension and drama are heightened when characters are constantly (in one form or another) saying no to each other” (Burroway & Stuckey-French 82).

So, with this idea in mind, here’s the prompt: take 10-15 minutes to write a scene where two characters do nothing but say “no” to each other. This criteria can be met in more than one way—for example, you could have one character ask a question that the other never actually answers.

Have at it, and feel free to share your work in the comments section! 🙂


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