So, I have another short fiction piece for you today, just because I feel like writing some fiction and I haven’t had a lot of time for it lately.


Bregda looked out over the ocean that spread out far beneath her, one scaled claw digging holes in the thin layer of soft dirt that spread over the stone of the cliff. In the distance three Sgaithan whirled through an aerial dance, spears clashing as the hard wind buffeted them and threatened to cast them down into the ocean. Bregda’s reptilian lips curled up as she bared sharp teeth at the sparring mercenaries. Farther out, she knew, the stronger and more skilled Sgaithan were running through their own drills, though she couldn’t imagine what they might consist of. Each of the winged Baeg’dithi was a warrior skilled in many arts and blessed with very long lives. A little curl of flame licked out of her nostrils in anticipation as she turned back towards the tree-line perhaps two hundred feet behind her.

As she started back Lig’Lianta faded away from the trees, slowly melting from near perfect camouflage into the eight-foot tall warrior that led the Bocan pack which had joined her growing army, and truly her warriors were now an army, not just a tribe or a misfit group of unrelated clans. Lig approached cautiously, probably wanting to avoid angering her with his annoying disappearing acts, but her pace did not slow at all, and soon he towered over her, fully two feet taller than her own squat form, though lean with puny limbs that had always made her laugh. Tall Lig may be, but she could have snapped him in two over one leg with little effort. When they met both snuffed in a long inhalation, testing the other’s scent for signs of unforseen emotions, and then Lig flicked his tongue at her in greeting,

“Lustrous scales to you, War Leader. How fare our skyborn cousins?”

Flames licked her nostrils again as Bregda bared her teeth, “And many fresh kills to you Lig’Lianta. The Sgaithan fair well as far as I can see, though my sight may be foolish and short-sighted for I can only find two of them. You seem to have a purpose?”

Lig’s tail twitched in the air. “I do, War Leader. Your father has been looking for you in the camp with several of your clan elders. I find myself convinced that he has had a seeing, though I have not spoken with him myself. Perhaps the time is right for us to break this long-standing camp and finally hunt our prey.”

“Perhaps,” Bregda replied, her eyes flitting to the tree-line and back as she wondered what her father could need from her. “Though I fear that perhaps this prey hunts us as often as we hunt it. Nonetheless, we are many, and we have numerous sons of Sinnsir Ugh among us to lend power to our deadly arts. I shall speak with the elders and see what their vision has shown them.”

“Wisdom follows you, War Leader.” Lig said as he stepped to one side.

Bregda bared her teeth at him again, acknowledging his gesture of respect, and then started down towards the camp to see what the seers had foretold.


Alright, this is obviously just a short scene, and there will be more of it later when I have a bit more time to write!

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