So, if the title of this post isn’t any indication to y’all, I am currently writing from Seattle, home of the Space Needle and the Seahawks (no, I don’t follow sports, and no, I don’t even know what sport the Seahawks actually play). Anyway, I’ve just spent a week in this awesome city and realized about a few hours ago that if I wanted to post on time, I would have to post from the airport. On my iPhone.

I apologize ahead of time for any crazy things my phone decides to do with this post.

This whole week has basically been me ignoring my academic and creative writing. Last post, I finally finished my “Discourse Grammar in the Name of the Wind” series (I would try putting in a link to that post, but I’m scared that my iPhone would explode), but otherwise I haven’t finished any of the writing projects I started this past year and a half.

For one example, I made the unfortunate decision to write my thesis proposal for my English graduate program over the summer. This turned out to not be my brightest idea: the summer is almost gone, and I haven’t even gotten the proposal past my thesis chair. I’m facing something similar with my creative writing too, since I haven’t done any serious creative writing in months!

What do you all do to get over bouts of writer’s block?


2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle

  1. Oké why do you ignorring? You do not have to read the ather blogs they are still learning. Here beginns the Summer and by you is it ended. I see this not as proposal, ofcourse you will have you Graduate, that understand i good, but why read you the ather blogs? Tell me about it.

  2. Not really a writer, but understand writer’s block. Do something completely different – something mechanical, something natural, but something that is good for you and does not require creativity. I can go out in the woods and meditate, I can go to the lathe and make something, I can go upstairs and reload some cartridges, all absorbing but not creative. This will distract and rest your mind – writer’s block is sometimes creative exhaustion.

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