Because we all need a little star wars in our lives :).
Because we all need a little star wars in our lives :).

So, I hope that everyone liked Tom’s debut post yesterday. I personally enjoy the sense of humor in his writing, and I think that he’s going to be a great addition to the blog. Some friends threw Alayna and I a wedding shower on Saturday and we had a lot of fun at that. Also, if any of you have the chance to play the games Zombicide or Telestrations, I thoroughly suggest it. Actually… a zombie themed telestrations game could be a whole lot of fun, and is very doable (at least… much more doable than a game where you kill zombies by drawing pictures… Anyway, on a different subject entirely, I have a story challenge, and it’s time for my favorite story challenge. I’m going to give you a series of criteria including genre, theme, some character archetypes, etc. Your job is to write a story that includes all of the features required in the challenge. If you intend to post it here, please keep it short. However, the complexity of this challenge often requires a longer story.

Theme: The Right Place

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, or Science Fantasy

Setting: This could be a past, present, or future setting, but either way, magic is very real and magical beings truly wander the world and are truly dangerous.

Character Archetypes:

1) The Ex-Soldier

2) The Escaped Prisoner

3) The Well-meaning attorney

4) The Monster-Turned-Man


1) A demon’s heart

2) An ancient sword

3) A bible (or equally significant religious text for this world)


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