Well, I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful week and that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. Alayna and I had a pretty fun day, and some friends are throwing us a wedding shower tomorrow, which is exciting. Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of Aquinas yesterday, and this led to a conversation between Alayna and I concerning the fundamental nature of relationship, connection, impact, and by proxy the relational concept of the person. So here is your question for today: what is a relationship? This is not simply to ask what kinds of relationships exist, but what do all of these different things have in common that make them all relationships? Does a relationship require a connection between people? For instance, can you have a relationship with a neighbor whom you’ve never met simply because you are that person’s neighbor? Must a relationship be two-sided? For instance, can you have a relationship with the earth? Can another person impact you if there is no connection between you? If so, how?

These are just some questions to get you thinking. Ultimately, the way you want to take this question is up to you. As always, write me a story of 1000 words that presents and defends your response to the question, and enjoy :).


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