And we’re back! A full night’s sleep and a full days work (and Rhonheimer’s book is definitely going to take longer to read than I’d initially hoped, but that’s okay) and I’m better than… …well, at the least I’m better than I was yesterday :). Anyway, a friend of mine gave me a free copy of Europa Universalis IV and I have to say that it’s a fun game… complicated as all get out, but fun… not that I have much time for playing games right now, but an hour every now and then is enough to get a general idea of the game. Anyway, as you know, we like to take Sunday’s away from the blog. However, I went and found you something… given that it’s Sunday, I wanted to find a picture that captured the essence of worship… I’m not sure that I found it, but I think that this says something meaningful about the place worship should have in our lives:



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