So, I love you all, you know that. However, I’ve been up for closing on forty hours straight. I’ve worked, researched, worked more, moved laundry machines, mowed lawns, etc, etc, etc. All this to say that a the moment my brain is completely fried and I don’t have a philosophical challenge for you this week. I’d love to give you something from Martin Rhonheimer or Etienne Gilson, but at the moment I can barely think well enough to string these words together. I’m hoping to get a good nights sleep and have something up sometime this morning, but if I don’t, please accept my sincere apologies and have a wonderful day.


One thought on “Day Off

  1. Of course we let you have a day rest, that you can, be better ( or feel better) after youre offday. So i wish a lot of that you shall be better and that you are quick are under us are.

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