Did you know that a man can go at least 68 days without food? There are people who have claimed to have gone for longer (including one man who claimed to have eaten nothing for seventy years), but there is a man who when a documented 68 days without food. Further, the record holder for insomnia lasted 11.5 days without sleep. That’s pretty impressive. I used to be able to do stuff like that (… well, may not like that but I have gone six days without sleep), but now I find that 48 hours without sleep, or even with only a couple of hours of sleep, pretty much does me in. That being said, I’m exhausted at the moment. So, your philosophical challenge is simple: I’ve given you a couple of challenges in the past few weeks about the nature of responsibility. So, your question for today: when is it acceptable to say no?

Can you say no to absolutely anything? For instance, if a starving man asks you for a meal, and is likely to die soon unless you provide it (yes, I know this isn’t really medically realistic), are you justified in refusing him? Do you need to say yes to everything? Where do you draw the line?

As always, write me a story of 1000 words that presents and defends your answer.


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