640x346_5969_Unknown_Civilization_3d_sci_fi_moon_surreal_futuristic_alien_vue_planet_rocks_foggy_picture_image_digital_artWell, I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week reading (finished two books and I’m almost half-way through a third), grading, and building miniature terrain out of spare cardboard boxes, random rocks I found and washed, and spray-paint (along with a little glue and flock). It’s certainly not going to win any awards for appearance (it is mostly cardboard afterall), but it should get the job done. I’m also learning more about Aquinas’ thought (seriously… everything I’ve read, or will read for a while, is on Aquinas). I also learned a bit about trying to read between the lines with Alayna. There were definitely some things that I could have handled better. I hope that you’re all having a great week. Anyway, I have an exercise for you. This is a setting exercise, and most of you have probably done these before, but just in case: I’m going to give you a set of criteria. Your job is to design a setting based on those criteria.

Your Criteria:

1) Your setting must be a  science fiction or science fantasy world of some kind.

2) Your setting must include at least three planets with at least one or two significant governments, and at least three major locations outlined and explained for each planet (these could be major cities, factory centers, mining operations, or natural wonders).

3) Your setting must include at least one alien race and at least one non-alien race. By this I mean at least one race indigenous to the planets in question and at least one race foreign to the planets in question. Your setting does not have to include humans.

4) Your setting must include the outline of a clear religious mythology. It is up to you whether this mythology is entirely true (i.e. supernatural powers, gods, demons, etc are real), based in historical fact (i.e. something once existed that served as the seed of these myths and legends [perhaps an eminently powerful alien race]), or entirely fictional (i.e. like comic book characters that people take too seriously). You may have one overarching religion or multiple competing religions. Further, you may have contradictory religions or cooperative religions that obviously come from the same original source material.

5) Your setting must include a clear explanation of the intrasystem trade between these worlds and the intersystem trade between these worlds and other powers. This needs to include a list of imports and exports, the primary currency and general economic system, and a brief discussion of the financial beliefs and approach of each world (or of all three if they all have the same beliefs and approach).


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