downloadWell, it’s time for a new week :). I hope that you’ve all watched Office Space recently, mostly because its a hilarious movie, but also because I know you probably have a case of the Mondays. … I’m going to duck now. Ha! You missed. Seriously though, we all have conflicts. Whether its a fight with a co-worker, an argument with a spouse, a disagreement with a friend, or a battle to the death. This is the topic of your story challenge today. So, you know the rules. Take your subject and run with it. Write me a story of 1000 words or less and stay on topic. As before, if it’s in any way applicable, you should use this to try to develop your world a little more :).

Your Challenge: Write me a story about interpersonal conflict. This could be a story that seeks to express the nature of conflict in general, or it could be a story about a recent conflict in your life, about how to resolve conflict, or about how good conflict is actually a sign of a healthy relationship. You could focus on the particulars of how conflict is best expressed in a specific situation, or you could try to explain what it looks like in general. In some way though, your story needs to have a strong focus on interpersonal conflicts.



One thought on “Story Challenge of the Week

  1. This whas very difficulty but i give you more then tousend words 38 to muth. I’am sorry about that. The only owne that a will do is the Mont Vantoux walk with a lot of athe People they have the same handicap as i have.

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