Well, I’m just about finished with the first week in the new place. It’s nice being closer to Alayna, and nice getting to spend more time with her… even if we don’t really have any furniture yet. We are getting a sofa on Saturday (actually, we’re getting a nice sofa for $20, which is all Alayna’s doing), and we’ve started getting wedding presents shipped in. We’ve also been cooking a lot more and eating out a lot less, which is also nice. I really like having our own kitchen (and not cleaning up after ten guys in order to use it). Anyway, I do actually have a plot challenge for you today. I’m going to give you a picture and I want you to develop a part of your world based on what you see. It should be a setting that is believable in your world, and that has potential for stories in it. Here’s you’re picture:


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