I don’t plan on joining the giant hubbub over what is going on in the Duggar family or what Josh Duggar did when he was a teenager. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about and you want to know, then I suggest you google it. However, Alayna did make an excellent point to me today. Reading blog posts, articles, and what people have shared on facebook I have seen a lot of shock, outrage, judgment, and chastisement. I’ve seen a lot of people pointing out what the Duggars did wrong, raising concerns about responsibility, safety, wise judgment, influence, etc. I’ve seen a lot of hate and vitriol mixed with rampant gossip mongering and what is probably a little honest fear. What I haven’t seen is anyone who actually seems more concerned with the people who were hurt, both by Josh’s actions as a teen and by the current media hubbub, that about making a political or personal point. Honestly, I think the best thing that anyone can do is to let this story die in the media. Whatever happens, it needs to be the Duggar family, their community, and the local authorities who make the decisions. Those are the people involved, and those are the only people who actually have a place to raise or reraise any concerns.

I’m seen a lot of people who are ready to crucify someone. A lot of people who are acting like Josh Duggar is the exact same person now (and I do not mean the same metaphysical entity, but the same person psychologically, spiritually, and socially) that he was when he was 14, and a lot of people who are acting like the victims involved are the exact same people now that they were when all of this happened. This speaks to me of a singular mindset: the idea that people can’t change in any real way. I think that this is an extremely dangerous mindset. However, even in saying this I am not arguing that questions don’t need to be asked or that no action needs to be take. To be honest, I don’t know if questions need to be asked, or if they already have been. I also don’t know if actions need to be taken, or if they already have been. I am not well enough informed because what few facts the media has actually presented aren’t sufficient to actually inform me to the point of making a meaningful opinion possible. So, my encouragement to all of my readers is to let this go. Give your prayers to the family, and let the people who are actually involved, actually know the people involved, actually understand the situation, and can actually make meaningful decisions concerning it actually handle it. This is the most responsible action that can be taken.


3 thoughts on “The Current Controversy over the Duggars

  1. I couldn’t agree more. On twitter I have seen some people trying to give their condolences to the victims. Although I am very disappointed in Josh Duggar I’m not like some people who seem ready to slice his head off. I think that TLC did the right thing by pulling the show off the air. I don’t know if they have decided if they are going to cancel the show but it seems reasonable. Also a lot of LGBT support groups have been trying to get the show cancelled because of the families anti lgbt views and offensive statements they have made in the past. I do remember reading something about some other police reports being destroyed which I think is interesting. Very well written.

    1. Thanks, Livi. Honestly, my views on the show in general aren’t high. I’m not a fan of reality television in general, and I can’t imagine that so much media exposure can be healthy for children. Honestly, I will say that if the Duggar children are half as well-adjusted as they seem then the Duggars should probably be commended for not allowing massive media exposure to tear the family apart completely. Take a second and compare the Duggars to another high-media family like the Osborns. There’s a huge difference.

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