The masterAs most of you know, I finished my MA degree a couple weeks ago (you may now all call me The Master), and since leaving school, the long job hunt continues. At the beginning of May, I put in an application for an internship with a company in Pennsylvania. The internship looked pretty awesome: lots of writing, work from home (no relocation needed), set my own hours, etc. It specified unpaid, but hey, internships are great resume builders, right? And it keeps me writing. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to get it because those things are competitive, but I sent in my Resume and CV anyway. They contacted me for a Skype interview the following day, and the interviewer talked to me about my experience. He was really impressed with the wide variety of writing I do, as I have several academic publications, two theses, several non-academic publications, editing/proofreading experience, creative writing, and, actually, this blog. He looked over some of my posts for The Art of Writing, and he loved it. He said it was a unique and interesting addition to my varied resume and it spoke to my writing experience in various mediums. So, I got hired on the spot! It’s unpaid, but he said there’s a good chance of getting a full-time job out of it in three months if my performance reviews are high enough, which is pretty exciting. The moral of the story is: writing is awesome and it opens many windows for you that you may not be aware of. Varied writing is the key; if I’d only done academic writing or creative writing or what have you, he wouldn’t have found my resume interesting. So keep writing, try new avenues of wordcrafting, and see where it takes you!


3 thoughts on “Writing and Awesome Opportunities

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    For sure writing is awesome, from m,y experience back in campus , i always raised money through article writing , I have vast experience in it , so keep on writing better doors will open sure..

  2. Congratulations! If LOML (Love of my Life) hadn’t told me years ago (coming up on 40th anniv!) that I was a ‘boring writer’ and wonderful conversonalist I would have tried writing. I’m glad our son learned to write well. I’m not a good story teller unless it is well rehearsed. Since I have my doctorate and have been practicing for 30+ years I guess things balance out.

  3. I love when í am happy i have a worse time after my and i would myself take to write a blog, never did it in American-Englisch but i try, so i like fingerpainting, read a book and liht sports and fotografy but what you do i never learnd it, pitty.
    Saskia Borst

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