So, life can be hard sometimes. We go through things that we struggle to deal with, and obviously these are all huge… right? You know, terrorist attacks, murder plots, kidnapping, revenge killings… wait… you’ve never been through any of that? Yet you still struggle? You still deal with anxiety over what? Bills, job security, relationship problems, problems of not having a relationship, grades…? Welcome to the human race. I love movies, but in someways televised media has destroyed our sense of perspective. We have trouble understanding what we should need help with and what we shouldn’t; what we are responsible for and what we aren’t. Often we tend to take responsibility for those things that aren’t our responsibility at all (i.e. those things over which we have no control), and refuse to take responsibility for those things that absolutely are our responsibility (i.e. those things that are in our control). Similarly, we tend to think that we shouldn’t need help with those things that we do need help with (i.e. understanding concepts that we don’t yet understand, working through emotional struggles that we aren’t sure how to handle, learning skills that we haven’t fully developed), and yet demand help with those things that we really should be able to do ourselves (i.e. actually working to learn, dealing with our issues instead of denying them or running from them, practicing skills instead of getting others to do things for us).

About sixteen years ago I hit two pedestrians with a car. I think I’ve told this story before, so the short version is this: it was a no-fault accident. There was nothing that anyone realistically could have done to change the situation. Still, the accident left a young man with permanent brain damage. The accident led me to do a lot of thinking about the nature of fault and responsibility. Today I want to give you a question concerning these issues that I tend to think is fairly important: why do we let pride and sloth destroy us?

Let’s be honest: when I take responsibility for something that I can’t control, I’m expressing pride. I am claiming (at least internally) to be more important than I really am (or probably can possibly be). Similarly, when I refuse to seek the help I need, I am expressing pride. I don’t want to be seen as weak, irresponsible, unintelligent, foolish, etc. And I am willing to blame myself for things in which I cannot bear blame and I refuse to seek help that I actually need. Similarly, when I refuse to take responsibility for the things I can control, I am expressing sloth. I am seeking to escape the discomfort, hardship, and pain of actually doing what I need to do. So: why do we do this?

As always, write me a 1000 word story that presents and defends your answer to the question. Also, while I agree that ‘sin’ and ‘sin nature’ are correct answers to this question, I would like something a little more thorough in explanation and application.


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