Diamond ThroneWell, my final paper is edited, printed, and I’ll be turning it in tomorrow. From what the professor told me about the rough draft, I think that the final draft should be an A… then I just have to find a place to get it published. The next job is packing, setting up everything for the move, and then narrowing down schools to apply to. Then I get to start in on my research for the final project that I’m doing for this program. Overall, it’s gone well and I’m excited about moving forward… though I am in desperate need of exercise. I went to workout today and it was… well… it was pathetic. Anyway, I have a plot challenge for you, and in honor of my day, here are the rules for today’s challenge:

Your challenge: Take a movie, book, short story, play (preferably something religious) that you love, and identify each character and significant plot point. Now, identify the three most significant, pivotal events in the story, and work your way back through the plot, but change those three events. For instance, in Romeo and Juliet you might change the death of Tibedo so that he lives. Now, work your way back through the story step by step and figure out how the characters would react to those changed plot points. How would they react (in character)? How does this change the overall events of the story? Feel free to use this as an impetus to write some up a new story entirely, but the goal here is to see how character’s themselves help to shape the plot of a story.


2 thoughts on “Plot Challenge of the Week

    1. Saskia, I’m always glad to see people involved in writing, and branching out to try writing in a different language is certainly challenging! How long have you been working on English? Are you currently taking classes? (I asked these same questions in response to your comment on Wednesday’s post as well simply because I don’t know which you will see first).

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