Just 'cuz.
My next post will be on discourse grammar, I promise!

Hello, everyone! So, the good thing is I’m back for another post! The sad thing is that I don’t have my next “Discourse Grammar in The Name of the Wind” ready for ya’ll yet (I swear, Southern accents and late-night posts seem to go hand-in-hand with me…).

Anyway, I am slowly trying to move over to my new apartment (in the summer—bad idea), and I also just turned in my last paper for my “English as A Global Language” class. I am exhausted.

In recompense, I will be posting another one of my poems. To be honest, this one could use a little work. What do you guys think I could do to improve it? Feel free to comment! 🙂

Shopping for Shoes on Main Street

I saw you lying on a shelf and

knew you had to be mine,

your glitzy gold perfection

sending me to another time

when money dripped in honeyed

 ripplets, blazing lights refracted

in the tinkling of champagne.

But now my glass is empty

and the bright lights turn

my eyes. I put you back

on the shelf, slip on my pair

of runners and go stand in line.


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