munich-190266Well… my big test is today. Actually, if you’re reading this after 11 am then I’m probably finished with it. …I’m hoping it goes well. I’d forgotten what test anxiety is like. For most of the week I’ve been intermittently convinced that I had the date of the test wrong and somehow missed it entirely. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done well in the class thus far, and even a zero on the final probably wouldn’t cause me to fail the class, but it wouldn’t do anything good for my grade either, and I really want a good grade in this class. However, I honestly do believe that I’ve done the best I could at the moment to prepare for the test, and hopefully that will pay off.

Anyway, I have an exercise for you. This is a setting exercise, and most of you have probably done these before, but just in case: I’m going to give you a set of criteria. Your job is to design a setting based on those criteria.

Your Criteria:

1) Your setting a modern world that includes some form of supernatural existence. This could be full on urban fantasy, or it could be subtle things like people who can see ghosts. Think anywhere between Dean Koontz’ Odd Thomas series and Kevin Hearn’s Iron Druid Chronicles.

2) Your setting must be a medium to large city in a recognizable country. So, nothing like Latveria or Sokovia. It has to be a real city in a real country – preferably it should be a city that you know something about and are generally familiar with.

3) Your setting must include information on the cities government, police bureau, crime statistics, educational system, public works department, demographics, and religious life.

4) Your setting must include a description of the supernatural life of the city including ghosts, spirits, demons, werewolves, vampire, etc… whatever you choose to include in the supernatural part of your setting you need to detail.

5) Your setting must include character profiles for major characters that you might include in a story such as a seedy lawyer, a police detective, a bar owner, or a college professor.

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