efb40b552f19b95937b3566468e44831So, I have an acquaintance who has read the book Boundaries (which I honestly think is a great book) and has taken from it a message that I don’t think is really intended by the authors. This acquaintance apparently feels that 1) he/she can ask anyone for anything, 2) that he/she can say no to anyone for anything, and 3) that he/she is justified in doing ‘what it takes’ to protect his/her schedule, plans, and desires. This includes putting people very close to them (i.e. people to whom they should feel some inherent ties of responsibility) into very difficult situations involving their livelihood for no better reason than the fact that it ‘works out better’ for my acquaintance. Now, it’s possible that I’ve missed something, but thus far I have not been able to find the bible verse that says ‘do what it takes to get what you want’ or even ‘do what it takes to protect your family. I have found the bible verse that says ‘pick up your cross and follow me,’ and the one that says ‘If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.’ These are hard verses, and obviously they are not saying that we should seek out opportunities to suffer or to hurt the people closest to us. However, they are saying that following Christ should be the most important thing in our lives. Period. No pun intended. I’m serious. … …Okay, maybe the last couple weren’t so serious, but the point I’m making is. Part of following Christ is 1) treating others as you want to be treated (which means actually thinking about how your treating them and why), and 2) hospitality. I think that this particular acquaintance is significantly lacking in the latter, which is going to be the subject of today’s story challenge. So, you know the rules. Take your subject and run with it. Write me a story of 1000 words or less and stay on topic. As before, if it’s in any way applicable, you should use this to try to develop your world a little more :).

Your Challenge: Write me a story about hospitality. This could be a story that seeks to express the nature of hospitality in general, or it could be a story about a particular act of hospitality, or about the need for or importance of hospitality. You could focus on the particulars of how hospitality is best expressed in a specific situation, or you could try to explain what it looks like in general. In some way though, your story needs to have a strong focus on the concept of community.



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