Well, today was supposed to be my post, and I am definitely late. I’m sorry about that – it’s been kind of a crazy week all around I think. The end of the semester can get that way. I don’t have a lot of time, so I’m going to keep this short. I’ve been thinking a little bit here and there about role-playing games. A few years ago a friend and I tried to write a roleplaying game set in Avnul – we got pretty far actually, until we both got busy and had to put it aside. However, I’m not entirely ready to give up on the project, and I’m hoping that he’s not either.

Our original outline and rules-set was probably too reminiscent of those games that influenced it, and I think that, in going back to the game, I’d like to push us in a somewhat more original direction – fortunately, I think that Thomas Aquinas could provide some impetus for that direction. You see, Aquinas, following Aristotle, breaks human faculties down into five parts: Generation – or the faculty of maintaining and creating life, Locomotion – or the faculty of movement, Sensation – or the faculty of sense and desire, Volition – or the faculty of choice making, and Reason – or the faculty of memory and reaching logical conclusions from given premises.

Now, it struck me the other day that these can make a perfect set up for RP statistics. I’m not going to break them down for you, though I think that it might be somewhat obvious how they might break down. One of the things that I think is cool is that this set up opens up the strong possibility of having fertility as a secondary or tertiary stat. This means that GMs can 1) have a mechanic for holding players responsible when they want to go around trying to have sex with everything – and yes, unfortunately there are players who do that… unfortunately – now you can have kids, and there’s no contraception in this world, so your going to have to deal with either being responsible or being a dead-beat parent and all the social malignance that comes with that (especially in some cultures in Avnul). 2) It makes it possible to have games that last for generations. Real people don’t generally move from one crazy adventure to another. They might have crazy adventures sometimes, but they generally settle down and have a family, or they get “too old for this.” If you have a character who does want to settle down, then maybe you can actually have a kid, and then RP the kid as he tries to follow in his honorable parent’s footsteps. I don’t exactly know how that’s actually going to work out, but I like the idea overall.

Anyway, these are some of the things that my mind has been on when I haven’t either been teaching or learning :P.


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