ae52cf9a50fd36ffc74f61ddeae8349b1316652816Well, yesterday was a resounding success! We did church, then Alayna, God, and I had some good time together, and then we got lunch at a local Olive Garden. We had a bit of an adventure trying to find an open and uncrowded coffee shop, before we finally settled on going to see Unfriended instead (a bit of advice, don’t waste your money – it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either – it reminded me a lot of Blair Witch Project). Then we made roasted lamb chops and vegetables for dinner (which was awesome) and hung out for the rest of the evening. I have to say that I think we both had a lot of fun! Anyway, on a different subject entirely, I have a story challenge, and it’s time for my favorite story challenge. I’m going to give you a series of criteria including genre, theme, some character archetypes, etc. Your job is to write a story that includes all of the features required in the challenge. If you intend to post it here, please keep it short. However, the complexity of this challenge often requires a longer story.

Theme: The Gods at War

Genre: Fantasy, Surreal Fiction

Setting: This should be a high or dark fantasy setting, though a general fantasy setting or even a low-magic setting could potentially work. The other option is a surreal setting that is intended to depict the world of the gods apart from our own.

Character Archetypes:

1) The Godking

2) The Warrior God

3) The God of Magic, Wisdom, or Knowledge

4) The Death God


1) The living heart of a god

2) A sword that will cut through anything

3) A Phylactery (you could use this in the D&D sense as where a lich hides it’s soul, or you could use it in the traditional sense as in a metal or wooden box worn on the forearm or forehead that contains sacred scrolls or magic spells)


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