So, at the moment I’m writing this from a hotel room in northern Virginia. Alayna was on her way down to visit me when her car started acting up, and it acted up even more when she was down where I live. So, it’s in the shop down in my town, and I drove her back up here so that she could work her shifts this week. Sometimes life just throws you the unexpected, right? I say, roll with it as best you can. That’s what we both try to do. Success may be intermittent, but the attempts are pretty consistent. Anyway, a few weeks ago I gave you a challenge post about what the purpose of the law is. So, now I want to give you a practical problem to deal with a long the same lines. If you remember, a year or two ago New York state tried to ban the sale of sodas over 36 ounces in size. You’re challenge this week is actually very simple: was this law a good law or a bad law? Why?

I want you to consider your response from a couple of weeks ago, because your answer should probably be radically different depending on whether you think the purpose of the law is to make us better people, or just to keep us from doing predictable and demonstrable harm to one another.

So, you know the drill: write me a story of 1000 words that presents and defends your answer to this question.


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