John_William_Waterhouse_-_The_Favorites_of_the_Emperor_Honorius_-_1883Welcome to the Week of Paper 2014! This week (or more likely in the next two weeks, just being realistic) I am going to write both of my major term papers for the semester. That’s one twenty page paper and one forty page paper for you folks who haven’t been reading the blog. So, my hope is to knock out 10 pages today. So far I have about 5 done on the 40 page paper and 10 done on the 20 page paper. So, I’m not doing to badly thus far… we’ll see if I can keep up this breakneck pace. Also… I am making no claims as to how good the rough drafts of said papers will be. However, if I get them done this week, then I’ll have a month to edit both of them before I need to turn them in (… …never mind the 2500 pages of reading I also have to do in that month. Who’s really counting that anyway? O.o…) So, I’m going to be a little bit busy. Anyway, today is your story challenge. I want you to set this story in a world that your currently developing. One of the best ways to develop a world to write in, amazingly enough, is to write in that world. The more you write, the more your understanding of the world will solidify. The key here is to remember what you’ve written before and keep your world consistent (this is where world bibles come in handy). So, pick your nation and then write a story based off of these questions:

Your Challenge: Choose one major character in the history of this world and write a myth about him. This could be a great hero like Hercules, a god like Thor or Osano’wo, a monster like Jormungand, or an actual historical myth like Alexander the Great or Vlad Tepes. Regardless, the story should be written as a myth about the figure, not as a historical treatise. Make up a story that the people of your world tell around the fire, whether they believe it or not.


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