Well, my goal last night was to get a paper written and I almost got it finished… I ran into a snag when I realized that I left a book that I need at home when I went out for the evening :P. So, as you know we like to take Sundays off at the Art of Writing. However, I was discussing Thomas Muntzer, Melchior Hoffman, and the Munster rebellion last night. If you’ve never heard of it I won’t be too surprised… it’s kind of a theology nerd thing. However, in 1534 a group of Christian radicals (one of the Anabaptist groups of the time) took over the city of Munster and attempted to set up a communal government based, in some ways, off of the teachings of Hoffman and Muntzer. This… didn’t work well. In 1534 Franz Von Waldeck set the city under a siege which lasted a little over a year. During the siege the Anabaptists in the city set up a community of goods (i.e. communism), legalized polygamy, and eventually fell into cannibalism. Anyway, the conversation inspired your pictures for today :):

Anabaptists plundering the Churches and breaking the Images



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